Different Every Time

A Sufi master was visited by a perplexed Seeker-after-Truth, who said to him:

'I have only one question to ask. Why is it that, wherever I go, I always seemed to get different pieces of advice from Sufis?'

The master answered:

'Come with me for a walk through this town, and we shall see what we can discover about this mystery.'

They went into the market - place, and the Sufi asked a greengrocer:

'Tell me, what time of prayer is it?'

The greengrocer said:

'The time for the morning prayer.'

They continued their walk. After some time the

Sufi asked a tailor:

'What prayer-time is it?'

The tailor answered:

'It is the time of the midday prayer.'

After spending more time in conversation and companionship with the Seeker, the Sufi approached another man, this time a bookbinder.

He asked him:

'What time of prayer is it?'

The man replied:

'It is now the time of the afternoon prayer.'

The Sufi turned to his companion and said:

'Do you want to continue the experiment, or are you now satisfied tat virtually the same question can elicit almost totally different answers, all of them corresponding to the current truth?'