Don't Count Your Chickens

Once upon a time there lived a man called Guman. Not being very rich, he had to go yearly to the market to sell honey, the precious product of his hive.

Along the road he went, carrying the jar of honey upon his head, calculating as he walked the money he would get for the honey. "First," he thought, "I will sell it, and buy eggs. The eggs I shall set under my fat brown hens, and in time there will be plenty of little chicks. These in turn, will become chickens, and from the sale of these, lambs could be bought."

Trudging along, in the hot sun, he could see his fine sons and daughters-in-law, and how the people would say that it was remarkable how rich he had become, who was once so poverty-stricken.

Under the influence of these pleasurable thoughts, he began to laugh heartily, and preen himself, when suddenly, striking the jar with his hand, it fell from his head, and smashed upon the ground. The honey became a sticky mess upon the ground.

Seeing this he was as cast down as he had been excited, on seeing all his dreams lost for illusion.

Difficult Words:

walking slowly and with heavy steps, especially because you are tired or unhappy.
if someone preens, they think in a pleased way about how attractive, clever, or good at something they are.