Finding Fault

In a Sheikh's empire, a Sufi faqir held long and frequent conversations in which he discoursed on every imaginable topic, for a number of years.

One day the Sheikh called upon him and said:

"My heart is heavy, for it is reported that you have spoken critically of me on many occasions."

Sufi faqir said:

"I have said twenty times that there are disparities between your words and actions. Can you doubt that this is true?"

Then Sheikh asked:

"I would be glad to hear that the grounds upon which you find fault with me."

Faqir replied:

"You will know them the moment you hear the two hundred occasions on which I have praised you before those same people who, in the same accuracy, now inwardly seek to separate us. To report half a thing is worse than reporting nothing. To report one-tenth of a thing is equal to falsification."