A visitor who had come from a far country said to Sufi Master:

'Let me sit in your durbar and hear your words, for it has truly been said that reading is no substitute for hearing.'

Sufi Master said:

'Alas! If you are not deaf, it is said that I should have had to to wait so long to welcome you here. You see, I never give any lecturer nowadays.'

The visitor asked why?

Sufi Master said:

'I have never given any lecture since a group of partially deaf people came one day. I said "Do not be like a dog or a swine..." and after they left me they fell out, disputing as to whether I had said "Be a dog..." or even "Eat swine's flesh..." With the written words this is not possible. If you are blind, someone can always read to you.'

Difficult Words:

Persian-derived term meaning the king's noble court where the king held all discussions regarding the state.