The Meaning

A man who had spent many years trying to puzzle out the meaning of Truth went to a Sufi and told him about his search.

The Sufi said: "Go away and ponder this - IHMN."

The man went away. When he came back, the Sufi was dead. "Now I shall never know the Truth!" moaned the puzzler.

At that moment the Sufi's chief disciple appeared.

"If," he said, "You are worrying about the secret meaning of IHMN, I will tell you. It is the initials of Persian phrase 'In huruf maani nadarand' - These letters have no meaning.'"

"But why should I have been given such a task?" cried the puzzling man.

"Because, when a donkey comes to you, you give him cabbages. That is his nutrition, no matter what he calls it. Donkeys probably think that they are doing something far more significant than eating cabbages."

to make a low sound, usually because somebody is unhappy or in pain.